Instead of building heavy and expensive data science projects to understand and predict your client's behaviour and preferences, why not just use our data platform? We have developed a new generation of analytics specialised in using transactional and static data to transform product-oriented businesses into customer-oriented organisations, dynamically and in real-time.
Our Customer-Centric Cloud Analytics Platform can serve different company sizes in different industries. We are specialised in analysing data and in creating hyper-personalised view of customers and predicting their future behavior individually. It is beneficial to apply in Payments, Banking, Lending, e-Commerce, Healthcare, or Retail. This is a low-risk way to start if you want to bring your company to the new data analytics era. Click here and learn more about how different industries can benefit.

Below we explain the process of streamlining your data through our platform. It can digest the information for you about your business, clients, or maybe analysing your new customer profile to facilitate decision-making process, or to have valuable new insights about your products and processes to create a true hyper-personalised experience. Let your data speak to you without a necessity to become a data specialist.


Our team will work closely with you to help organise and analyse the quality of your data. This step is extremely important for the success of the outcomes. Also at this stage, our teams will align with your objectives and your demands, such as running data statistics or feeding your automated decision-making process. This phase of data quality assessment will enable the best outcomes from the project.


Once the data is qualified and cleaned, we will connect your data to our cloud through secure connections. No data will be stored or seen by any team member of London Analytics. The entire process can be audited by the clients in order to guarantee that everything has the highest security standards.


During this phase, our team will apply advanced analytic algorithms to extract the hidden value from your data, analysing your customers, and replicate your product's portfolio in our platform virtually. Depending on your goals, the machine learning models will be applied to understand your customers and propose a real-time action to your products. It can be either our current models or tailored models for your specific needs. We build it and provide for your company, so you don't have to build the resources to become a data science company.


We can also enrich your data with external sources, such as alternative and bureau data, or open-banking information. Data enrichment can extend to generating even more data due to our self-learning algorithms, like product usage qualitative information. It will increase the precision of your data analysis.   


After we connect your data to our cloud and activate the analytical models, the cloud will be ready to send you two types of information:

1 - Visual dashboards for understanding your data and facilitating the process of taking your strategic decisions;

2 - Direct information to your decision-making process, such as:

   a)  If you are a lending company or an online business, the data will about the financial analysis of your future client; 

   b) If you are hyper-personalising, the data will be about the requests for your product to that specific client (activate/deactivate an insurance, increase credit limit etc)