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Data Analysis, Diagnostics and Cleaning Packages

Full package of services is delivered by our highly-skilled team of data scientists based in London and San Francisco. We receive your secured data, process and analyse it, preparing a full report on your data quality and its potential for processes' automation, customer-centricity, and AI implementation.

Financial Meeting

Data Strategy and Management Advisory

Our highly-skilled consultants with extensive experience in global organisations can guide you to organise your data, build your data management processes, and help you build a strategic data automation plan for the future.

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AI, ML and Analytics Models

We have developed advanced analytics along with AI models that can be licensed to improve your company efficiency in Data Analysis. From analysis to complex self-learning hyper-personalisation models. Get in touch today and let us improve your results.

Business Team

Tailored Full Projects

We can develop tailored data projects combining our extensive experience in consultancy, data science, analytics, and coding, in order to deliver a full AI-based project tailored for the needs of your company in order to achieve positive outcomes. Get in touch and we will be happy to introduce you to many successful projects developed globally. We are proud to bring our expertise, both in data science and in business, for maximising your performance through your data.


This is an online consultation with our most experienced business data consultants to discuss the goals you wish to achieve with a data project, viabilities, possible gains, required scope of work, and our on-boarding process. Each of our team members has more than 20 years of experience in pioneering data analytics, AI and ML projects globally with several original and patented methods for user profiling, payment security, neural network retraining and solution design concepts, the team members also led several data consultancy projects and the development of predictive models in areas like fraud prevention, risk, AML, payment integrity, churn, customer retention, campaign effectiveness, and customer dissatisfaction for the major banks, insurers, healthcare organisations and retailers in countries like the UK, US, Russia, Italy, India, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey and others.


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Our project delivery methodology is based on the industry widely recognised approach of Unified Process with Quick-Wins. This methodology, in addition to the profound knowledge of our experienced team, leverages sets of core disciplines across all project types. It provides flexibility to leverage iterations where partial solutions can be constructed and tested for specifically addressing significant risks, if necessary, and generates quick results for our clients.

A data strategy needs to define a process that generates ongoing review, iteration, and development. It is a living and adaptive process. However, all data strategies begin with identifying the organisational needs and  business requirements.