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London Analytics offers a series of ready-made investment portfolios for various world markets. It is possible to select the desired portfolio using AlphaCube Cloud that matches all investment characteristics and enables a selected portfolio for live trading on a personal account.

AlphaCube Cloud gives a wide list of available exchanges, brokerages and trading platforms on the world market to enable live trading. It is possible to operate with any kind of world market: Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

All trading actions are performed through the API interface, which has permission only to perform trading transactions. Only the customer has full access to the trading account and withdrawals. Thus, the customer’s funds are completely safe.

In the case of specific investment needs for the platform or fund, London Analytics provides an additional opportunity for personal adaptation of AI/ML algorithms. The reconfigured AlphaCube algorithm generates new strategies and portfolios by customer’s demands. Then signals of such a portfolio are available for use through the standard AlphaCube Cloud interface.

AlphaCube Cloud is a full-featured service with possibilities to select investment portfolio, enable/disable trading on account, manage trading accounts, receive reports, and statistics.

Why AlphaCloud strategies are better in comparison with developed in-house?

We use about 200 different models as the basis for creating investment strategies. Different combinations of these models allow you to get different types of strategies: mean reversion, trend following, pattern trading, scalping, and many others. These strategies will be created for different world markets/exchanges, for different trading instruments, with a different approach to maximize diversification and reliability. Our technology will create from one to one hundred billion strategies for an individual client and select the best strategies among them.


Do AlphaCloud use the same strategies for different funds?

Due to the high frequency of creating new strategies, we can provide for each individual client not only one, but also several and qualitative strategies.

Is my data protected and secured?

Yes, we use all the necessary security standards. In addition, we try to minimize receiving data from the client. This allows a client to make interaction with our services as comfortable as possible.


How can I save money working with you?

Investment start-ups spend from thousands to millions to develop a portfolio of strategies. Sometimes the annual costs of a quantum department reach millions of dollars. We propose avoiding such costs of quants, analysts, developers, and testers with our technology.


What is the probability of getting successful strategies?

According to our data, the average indicator of the effectiveness and success of created strategies in the world is very low. And it is about 20%. In other words, 80% of the strategies created by funds, companies are absolutely unsuitable for use. AlphaCloud strategies have no such problem. AlphaCloud delivers only tested, validated and reliable portfolio of strategies to the customer.



What will change in the workflow of my company if I use AlphaCloud?

We suggest using AlphaCloud for further diversification for your fund or investment company. For example, to use your old approach and investment principles further, and at the same time apply our technology. This will allow you to lower risks and increase diversification. We do not exclude a situation where you consider it more rational and effective to completely switch to AlphaCloud strategies.

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