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NFT Pro.
Discover new possibilities

The NFT investing experience for non-technical users

The App

Reinventing the NFT Experience

New possibilities are coming

The NFT Pro is a cloud platform designed as an app, web-based and mobile, that enables users to build an NFT portfolio and provide a single point of reference for all NFT activity – buying, selling, viewing, consolidating, tracking and managing their NFT portfolio. This includes search facilities, advising, access to multiple marketplaces, integration with wallets, trust tools, as well as strong security and simplicity. The app is aimed at the non-tech user who wants to build an NFT collection as a real investing option.

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NFT Pro is a platform, app, and website, to safely search, select, bid, buy, hold, sell and manage NFT portfolios. It is a safe and centralised investing experience, that also connects the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world to all your preferred wallets.

Get protected from scams

We use AI to analyse historic information from millions of NFTs, collections, and creators on various marketplaces and alternative data sources to alert and avoid scam schemes and fraud.

Get advised on the best NFT opportunties 

By analysing the market, we use AI to advise the users individually on the best NFT opportunities in several aspects that could represent appreciation possibilities. You also can say NFT Pro to monitor your favourite and most followed NFT creators not to miss any investing opportunities, whenever they are.

Easily buy, bid and sell from multiple marketplaces

On NFT Pro you can manage from a single place buying, bidding, and selling of one to thousands of NFTs from several marketplaces at the same time, safely, whilst managing all your wallet performance. Y 

How the App Works


It is Personalised and Integrated

We use our extensive experience and advanced technology in hyper-personalisation to create an individualised, safe, and easy experience in NFT investing for non-tech users.

​We are connected to the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world analising constantly millions of NFT data, collections and creators to bring the best opportunities specific to your individual strategies, whenever marketplace they are, so you can build and manage your own portfolio.



It is Easy 

NFT Pro platform and app is the central point to help you find and manage the best NFT opportunities in different marketplaces.

We also provide various features for you, such as bidding, buying, selling, and monitoring your NFT portfolios, managing everything from a single place. You can manage from one to thousands of NFTs at once.

Do not worry about transferring crypto between different marketpalces to trade NFTs. We safely do it for you directly from your app once your buying process is finalised.


It is Safe

We analyse all the data, from different sources to recommend the most trustable NFT creators and collections for you, whilst detecting scam and fraud indicators. Our AI will advise you about the most promising collections. Everything for you to have a perfect and safe NFT investing experience.

Once you bought it, we do not keep your NFT in our custody, it is safely stored in your preferred wallets. You are the only one that can make and authorise any trade. 

Working With the Best Clients and Investing Platforms

About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief that
investing belongs to everyone

London Analytics was born in the halls of the London Business School in 2019 with the objective of democratising the professional investing experience, creating technologies that can help millions to invest in the best opportunities possible, treated individually in their own benefit.



It is amazing what London Analytics is doing. They will change the dynamics of the digital financial business.

Elizabeth McCalister

When I realised the impact hyper-personalisation can make in the investing sector, I understood how much this market will yet be disrupted.

Tom K. Williams

The NFT market is yet to be disrupted and simplified. I think London Analytics will be the platform where banks will offer NFT investments in a near future.

Marcos Serqueira

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